Lumbar puncture after effects

I’ve just been diagnosed, lesions, bands in csf etc.

2 months ago I had my first and last lumbar puncture. Firstly that was not pressure it was all out pain. 45 minutes, multiple attempts, 2 punctures and a nurse holding my shoulders while I screamed and begged them to stop. Twice they hit a nerve for my right leg, felt like my leg was on fire. Sorry if that scares anyone, the woman after me took 5 minutes and didn’t feel a thing go figure.

Anyway it’s been 2 months and I can out my finger on the exact spots they pierced me as I’m still in pain. I’ve also had throbbing pains throughout both legs since.

Doesn’t seem to be anywhere medical I can go with this so asking if anyone knew how long to heal and any tips for helping with the pain? It’s really affecting me while driving.

You poor thing, sounds like you have had a tough time. I have also recently been diagnosed after LP and MRI

I suggest you contact the consultant that ordered the lumbar puncture. If you don’t have a contact number, then contact the hospital and ask to speak to that consultant’s secretary. Alternatively, you may have been given a number to call in the immediate hours/days after the lumbar puncture - try that. If you have been given a contact number for one of the MS nurses then they might also help you make that contact. Finally, talk to your GP if none of the above options are possible.

I have only had the one lumbar puncture so cannot comment on whether your experience is usual. Speak to the experts, they should know exactly what to suggest.

Take care while driving, would an automatic car be possible? You are required to notify DVLA when diagnosed with MS, probably not what you want to hear right now but you don’t want a driving conviction to add to your problems!

Well my first one was a horror story lol

They said hey let this new girl do it she has done 10 and needs to practice … Ermmm ok.

Well she left the tap open, spinal fluid blood went everywhere my wife nearly fainted I was in agony and after all that they had to do another a week later.

Then my last one they made me sit on the edge of the bed and tried loads and hit a nerve that shot through my bodyband felt like a tesircle exploded
.so I genuinely feel your pain.

Well done for getting through it I’m proud of anyone that has x

Should add.

I went to work 12 hours after my last one then needed 2 weeks off

Lay down stayblaid down relax and ride it out

Take tramadol or whatever pain meds they’ve given you and drink loads of water

Thanks for replies.

I have ms nurse number but its the department number so they don’t ever answer. I’ve had to email before but when the nurse rang back she has an accent and is really muffled I have no idea what she’s saying :woman_facepalming:

Neuro told me ms on phone and would send letter. That was 6 weeks ago and nothing. My gp won’t recognise there’s anything wrong with me because no letter. Even with results and consultant saying I need treatment.

I feel I’ve just been left. Waiting on a non forthcoming letter with no support.

I was told they’d sent me a pamphlet… not sure how reassuring that would even be.

Sorry for ranting, in pain, scared, feel so sorry for myself and no info except here and doctor Google.

“First and last lumbar puncture”, that’s what I said when I had mine too! They hit the sciatic nerve and it was agony.

Would definitely recommend trying to get in touch with the staff at the place where you had it done, you should have been given an aftercare leaflet at the time, with contact info in case of problems.

You could also try asking GP for a prescription for something specific for nerve pain, which might help ease it a bit.

Good luck!