Lumbar Puncture after effects - neckache?

I had my lumbar puncture done on Thursday, went fine but since not only have I had the awful headaches when not lying down but worse seems to be chronic neckache that there’s no relief from, even with painkillers. Is there anything I can take or do to help with this? It may not help that I have a baby that I have to lift and carry but on driving my father home from the hospital today I felt so sick and discomfort from my neck.

Best to speak to your GP in the morning. It may be that you need fluids, but he/she can certainly help with better painkillers. I know it may be impossible with a baby, but try and lie down as much as possible.

I hope it eases soon!

Karen x

Thanks Karen, the fun never ends does it?! x


Firstly welldone having the lp, they are not very nice to say the least. When i had mine done i was fine for 2 days then had a little bit of a headache, but then it turned into the worst pain imaginable. But that was because i had a bad “leak” of csf, 99% of people that have lp’s are fine, so don’t worry. Chances are it will pass within a few days.

But a call to the gp to get some decent pain killers is in order. Goodluck with it you will be fine.


Thanks Darren, I was really suffering yesterday but although not great today, I’m definitely on the mend, I felt so ill with it yesterday.

Thank you also for warning me of the potential side effects when I asked about a night out on the town, there’s no way I could have made it as was bedridden since Thursday!