Luggie Mobility Scooter

The design of the mobie seems to make it very frail, don’t get me wrong the scooter folded easily but My wife never seemed too happy as the whole body of the scooter seemed to bend when she sat on it and she is about half the weight limit of the scooter! I only learned of the luggie when I came online to research the mobie more and thought I should share my mobie concerns! Going seeing the luggie at Naidex this month, but will need to save up having just bought a gogo! Liked the ability to fold rather than break up and the luggie seems to get good reviews, my wife tried a travel scoot but she was really uncomfortable and struggled to push herself and the scooter backwards as there’s no reverse, and I didn’t like the look of the drive belts, seemed flimsy but I’m sure they are right for some people. I’ll let you know what I think of the luggie when I’ve seen it (gonna leave my wallet at home though just incase!!)

Hello Daveymartin,

If you get a chance take a look at the Travelscoot. Its cheaper than the Lugie, by several hundred pounds, very sturdy, reliable, and weighs 18Kkg. Check it out on my website, enter Travelscoot into the searchbar. I say all this only because I have one and I do think more people ought to know about it.

Hope this helps,


This isn’t an issue for me because I don’t leave mine as I don’t walk but I do see your point as it doesn’t have a key. Gee, a person would be low to steal a mobility scooter though, wouldn’t they?

But I guess you could use a bike chain same as for a push bike. The chassis is certainly sturdier than a bike frame so just chain it to a pole or other structure…



Hello Daveymartin,

If you get a chance take a look at the Travelscoot. Its cheaper than the Lugie, by several hundred pounds, very sturdy, reliable, and weighs 18Kkg. Check it out on my website, enter Travelscoot into the searchbar. I say all this only because I have one and I do think more people ought to know about it.

Hope this helps,


[/quote] Are you on commission Patrick!? Ha ha, u certainly seem to like your scooter but she tried one in Orlando and it was uncomfortable and difficult to push back as no reverse gear, I’d also be concerned about the drive belts breaking. I can’t see anyone in the UK selling them either? Which would be a concern given my poor mobie experience. Gonna check out the luggie but will be sticking with the break up scooter for a while yet, thanks for the advice though, my wife and I appreciate it!

Belinda… you wouldn’t think anyone would steal a mob scooter would you… but apparently they do!

I once parked outside of a pet shop and 2 blokes who worked there were standing smoking. I’d just got my scooter and like with a new baby… I was a bit nervous about it. I asked them to keep an eye on it and they laughed and said ‘who’d steal that!’ (I was a bit offended actually!)

Daveymartin… I can’t see how anyone could manage without a reverse gear. I reverse all the time… usually 20-point turn to get out of tight space. In fact I once got an applause from customers in a chemist!

Pat x

Re the Luggie and stealing it well, if you pay around £2K for something it does seem a tad careless to leave it vulnerable.

A good quality bike will set you back as much as a Luggie or more so I guess the bike chain idea is probably quite appropriate

Patrick, you do seem very determined to recommend the Travelscoot, and your website, at every opportunity.

Hello Perky

I own a Travelscoot. If you can only manage to walk a short distance and want a mobility device that is fun and not obviously designed for the disabled then I think its perfect. I am not tied into the supplier in any way what so ever. Go to for more details.

Of course I promote the website Its my site and I think it does an excellent job in offering disabled people the knowledge to be more independent and have a better quality of life. I want more people to visit it on a regular basis, have you? It offer products that I think are useful, you can buy them through Amazon. It is also a source of useful information for disabled and those with MS. Its a hobby to stop me going bonkers

Incidentally if any of you want someone to give a presentation on various aspects of MS then please contact me


Hi, I use a manual self propel wheelchair but it’s too heavy to lift in and out of my car therefore I’m stuck reliant on others to get out and about so time for a wee scooter that I can lift in the car on my own so I’ve narrowed it down to a travelscoot and a luggie. Obviously I’m nervous of buying before I try so my question is has anyone got an idea of how you try either of these, especially a travelscoot as there is no UK agent? I’m in the North West of England. Ideas gratefully received.

Hello Stans Mum,

For travelscoot write directly to TravelScoot European Union; He might be able to provide a reference site near you. The person’s name is Hardy.

Good luck

Hi Patrick, I’ve sent him an email so fingers crossed. I see you on your website that you are very pleased with yours - it just sounds ideal for me. thanks for replying and if I get one I’ll let you know how I get on.

Thanks, Max x

We had a person come to our house to demo the Luggie. I think this is the main way they are sold here in the UK. There was no pressure to buy but we did & it’s brilliant. Good for pavements, shops etc.

Thanks Sarah, I worry about home demo’s whether you feel pressured so that’s good to know it wasn’t the case. Are you able to get yours in and out of the car the way they demo on the videos? I need to be able to do it by myself cause if I need someone to help me I might as well use my wheelchair as I do now and save my pennies! Also I worry that these lightweight scooters are only for inside shopping centres etc. How have you found it? I realise it’s not robust but would like to be able to get into the village if possible.

Thanks, Max x


I was at the Naidex show lst eek and had a go on the Luggie.

It was very impressive but not too sure that it is worth £800 more than the Travelscoot. It is also 5Kg heavier, too much for me to lift. You can carry a bigger suitcase but the canvas bag on the Travelscoot is a real added bonus + you can have small front and rear baxkets.

To me the big difference is that with the luggie you feel as if you are a disabled person. The travelscoot is more fun, lighter, cheaper and I do not feel disabled when using it… Kids whisper to their dad that they want one.

Yes I’m a Travelscoot fan. Do read my article



Did you get a chance to check out the Minimo, as I understand that was also at the show.


I forgot to check out the minimo.

Checked the website No comparison with Luggie or Travelscoot. Suspect Minimo will cost a lot more than the Luggie. I’m sure it is a lot more stable but also much heavier.

Hi Johnh, I am going to buy one on Monday from Go mobility scooters. They are in California and I am on the East Coast. I have been researching scooters for a few weeks. Had to sell the Harley due to my right side breaking abilities. Using a walker now and looking at a job where I park in a garage and commute to a multi story building. Car won’t support a carrier, looked at the Luggie, EV Rider (alot like the Minimo) and electric chair (Portashopper - 2 out of Australia) as the best candidates. The design of the Luggie is best suited for my needs as leaving it locked in the long position will afford me to easily maneuver it in the trunk and front seat as well. Youtube Luggie has a video of a man with one leg maneuvering it into the back of an SUV and with variations on that theme will suite my disabilities the best. 3 day money back guarantee to check it out. They will modify the steering to suit left handed forward and reverse. Middle of the road of the three for cost but weight wise and storage wise the best bet. Will let you know!

I purchased the Luggie and used it at the mall last weekend. In and out of the front seat of the car in the unfolded position went very well, you have to work it around your disabilities but hey deal with it. Inside mall pedestrian traffic means take care and be mindfull of others and they will capitulate. Respect the machine and speed. All went well. This weekend I brought it out in the neighborhood to visit and have a little fun, rode right up in a neighbors yard and backed it out the same way as I was on a slight incline Got into a little trouble making a u turn at a T intersection in the sidewalk and ran into a divit with the back right wheel in the grass just off the sidewalk and tipped over, nothing hurt but the pride. Like anything you need to learn the perameters just like you do with the MS. The freedom it gives you in mobility must be tempered with caution until you learn your capabilities. I think it was a good choice for me. Will write again as things progress!

Does anyone know how to lock the luggi mobility scooter if leaving outside a shop?