Love to know your thoughts on attached

Love to know your thoughts on the attached.

I thought I was told waiting for consultant appointment after MRI.

But this letter to me says its still its under review. Not sure if they mean the MRI or the review is just if I need an appointment or not?

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A standard “we’re dealing with it” message, so you don’t think you’ve been forgotten. It suggests the appointment with a specific person hasn’t been set up yet, but will be in the next week.

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I am not holding my breath for an appointment.

Noticed the "if you need to be seen line "

I really do think It will come back we dont know. Something happened to cause the TN damage but could be a one-off. So wait and see if anything else happens.

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A lot of referrals are done this way. After unrelated referrals I received something similar and as Graeme suggests a letter/s followed shortly. The letters was confirmed that the referrals had been read and that I was on waiting list.

Below the line if you haven’t been contacted, what does it say? I can see a date, which probably means you can ring?

Hi Rogue

Yes below the line it gave me numbers to call if not heard by 1st July.
What is frustrating is I was told by the doctors that the referral to the hospital after my MRI was done on the 16 May. So taken from almost another 6 weeks.

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Don’t worry too much about the date on the referral letter that you have received. If your doctor made the referral on the 16th May, you will be in the system from when the hospital received it.

I don’t want to dampen your spirits but I am waiting on 2 urgent referrals one made in February and one made in March.

I guess what I am saying is welcome to the forum of ‘frustration’ you are in good company.

I have nothing to moan about at all.

I am feeling ok but what about others who are in a lot of pain.

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Hi TeddyBear, if you need to moan, moan away.

My point about my referrals was to illustrate that you may have to play the waiting game. Sadly it is just the way it is, you clearly are worried, which I wasn’t trying to undermine, just don’t lose heart.

Thank you.

Been a stressful period. Youngest daughter just finished GCSEs. Middle daughter just finished Alevels.

Oldest daughter joined police training in CID.

So this problem did come at a totally wrong time. Not saying there is a good time.

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I did wonder if there was a back story, I could sense a desperation that in managing the lives of your young adults you were reaching out for support for yourself.

Whilst, you are desperate for answers for yourself, you will get there, accepting that it may take time is part of the journey.

It sounds like you are doing a great job with the family GCSEs, A Levels and CID, these are great milestones and things for you to try and focus on, particularly on rubbish days.

Thank you Rogue

Back to being a swim mum this morning too.

4am alarm was a bit of a shock this morning. :sweat_smile:

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This triage system is how it is now done in some hospital trusts. It is a way of trying to reduce the face-to-face visits with neurologists, and reduce waiting lists and times, and the triage is done by a neurologist. Sometimes with the information they have received they just send out advice because they don’t think a referral is needed. Others do get a referral to see a neurologist in person. Hopefully you will be in the latter category, and do get seen.

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