Lost My Sense Of Smell.

Just want to ask has anyone else lost there sense of smell?

Is this a symptom of MS?

I use Domestos (Bleach) around my home yet I no longer can smell it.I use Fabreeze sprays and can no longer smell them,deodrants can be added to the list and I can no longer smell our old FatBoy who is our dog.I have to ask visitors or my child does the home smell nice after its had a clean.

However some perfumes such as the cheap M & S stuff irrates me.Car fumes appear stronger and irriate my eyes,my nose and chest.Fly spray realy knocks me for six,

I could list many things that I can no longer smell and normal day to day smells can be overpowering,choke me,irritate my eyes and make my chest tight.

So I am wondering if anyone else has noticed a change in there sense of smell and if day to day smells can irritae them as much as I get irriated?

one of my earliest symptoms was losing my sense of smell.

oddly enough I didn’t realise I’d lost it until it came back!

I had a bad sense of smell for years and it has gotten worse lately.Now eeshhhh I cannot even smell a home cooked meal.