Loss of job

First of all, let me thank all those who replied to my last post on 29th Jan, for their kind words, they were really appreciated and made me feel not quite so alone.

I’ve finally had the verdict on my ESA claim (a phone call received yesterday) - have been put in the WRAG group and am waiting for a letter to confirm the date of a work assessment interview at the job centre. The chap I spoke to from the DWP yesterday was really friendly & helpful, explaining what would happen next. I thought I would need a medical, but apparently not, the paper evidence was enough and went on to explain that I would need to repeat the process in another 18 months and if my condition remains the same (I have SPMS with the main symptoms being pain, fatigue & relying heavily on my wheelchair/scooter and more recently memory probs which I’m having tests done ) I might get upgraded to the Support group. He went on to say that 90% + people get put into the WRAG in the first instance, due to some people being put in the support group immediately and years later, found that they shouldn’t have been claiming! (I assured him, in a friendly but FIRM way, I was not one of those people & would much rather have kept the well paid job I’ve just lost and more importantly, the feeling of self worth that went with it - but I guess the poor chap was only doing his job and he did apologise bless him).

I’m dreading the interview & I think I’ve got to go for 5. For those who’ve been to one, what they like?

Many thanks, Sandie