Losing MS nurse

How shameful is this? My MS nurse came out yesterday and told me that it looks like the NHS in this area will not be funding her next year so she will be out of a job. Apparantly her post has been funded for 2 years by the MSSF relief fund but the NHS were supposed to be providing funding from that point onwards. It is now looking unlikely that they will do so. They find out for definite at the end of next week…just in nice time for Xmas cheer…so this area may well be without access to a community MS nurse from April of next year. Whilst I accept that the NHS is under a huge strain, financially, one has to question whether the governmental allocation of finances and the local budgeting is as efficient as it could be. Do governmental departments really need as many managers and top scale posts? And why is it rarely these posts that are lost as opposed to the ground workers? It’s a shame and a real loss to those people like me, who have greatly come to rely on community nurses for support in all manner of ways.

Hi, where I live there is no ms nurse. I would have to be referred to york or leeds to have access to a ms nurse. But I really like my neuro that I see in harrogate. I don’t know what to do or to get help and advice from. Have you any idea where you would get support from if your area loses your ms nurse?

In my area we have one ms nurse. Who has well over a thousand people who have been dx. Plus many more with nuero problems. So busy we dont have regular appointments, just speak to him on the phone if i have a relapse. Beacause MS is not in the public eye like other more common illnesses, we do get forgotten. It is wrong but make use of mss helplines and your gp. Could you write to your local mp? A few people have had success from them. Maybe start a pettition? We didnt ask to get ill, maybe we dont make enough noise? any way good luck, really hope we all get more not less vital ms nurses.