Loos on planes

I really want to see family, but this will involve a 12 hour flight. I use a wheelchair, can weight bear, but can’t walk. I know I can transfer to aisle chair etc as I’ve been on a couple of short flights, but haven’t been to the loo on the plane. I know I won’t be able to hang on for 12 hours! Any advice gratefully received.

My experience of aircraft loos is that they are tiny, I struggle to get in and out on crutches and then up and down off the loo, and there is usually a small step up, not a lot of room to manouevre and I honestly don’t know if you could transfer safely from an aisle chair, and there wouldn’t be a lot of room for an attendant to get in there with you to help. Why don’t you contact the airline you are flying with - see what they say?