looks like im going to be back in work-not ms

Hi All, hope your all staying dry. 

    I seem to have fallen back into working from home again, and so far so good. doing a morning a week helping my cousin that took over my business which is really nice i sit and drink tea and just give a hand if she gets stuck, and ive been a Phoenix trader for a couple of years just selling to family and friends and earning a bit for Christmas but i had a lady wanted to join my team last week so I have someone to manage and ive got in contact with another trader that has M.S and we are having lots of lovely chats about how it works for her and so far so good, ive managed all the work i wanted to do, mostly from the sofa- my kind of work!!.

   feels nice to have a challenge but no preasure just going at my own speed.

have a great week



Hi BC,

Good for you.

Mind and watch if you are on any benifits.

But long may it last.

Take Care.


Thanks Chris, nope im to health to get benefits confused good to know - just tell my body that please.

really excited, 

BC xx