Finally settled into work

At last ive settled into working from home and am not ending up in a big heap at the end of the week, still cuts deep that i had to give up the embroidery business but at least now im not on my Knee’s by Friday, Ive been a part time Phoenix trader for a couple of years but decided after giving up the embroidery to start full time, loving it,do lots on line and through facebook and just go out once/twice a week to do ‘do’s’,have a couple ladies in my team that i help via emails and phone calls, even have enough energy to start doing a market on a Tuesday morning, feels good to be part of the working world again.Does anyone else have a job that suits they’re M.S, its the 1st time in ages ive been able to relax and not worry that i will fall apart in the next few months.Love to know what you all do


That’s brilliant news, glad you’ve found something that suits you,

Luisa x

Me to!!