Looking for a diagnosis

I’ve had problems with back pain for years getting progressively worse and was eventually given an MRI scan after I reported occasional loss of sensation in my right foot. The MRI came back showing three lesions in my spinal cord and I then had a lumbar puncture which all pointed towards a diagnosis of MS. However my neurologist said I didn’t meet the criteria for MS as I hadn’t shown deterioration over time on the MRI scans. That was at the end of last year. I have just had my latest MRI scan results ( I don’t have an appointment with my neurologist for another month but they sent me a letter). Latest results showed a regression in one of the lesions, two remained unchanged and a further two lesions developed. All are in my spinal cord and there are still no signs of anything in my brain (I did have steroid treatment which presumably could account for the regression in one?). Does anyone know if this is likely to be enough for a diagnosis of MS? Is there anything else this could be? If it is MS does this give any indication as to what type of MS it is likely to be?

I’m also not sure if it’s related but the latest MRI found two complex masses hat are around where my ovaries should sit.

thanks in advance for any help, I’m feeling pretty stressed and scared right now.


hi steph

i would just wait for the neuro appointment,

i’d ask what on earth those complex masses are.

try to relax meanwhile, whatever floats your boat - films, music, books.

good luck

carole x