Long term increase in symptoms after vaccine

Hi all,

New to the forum, but not to MS. I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2005.

I’ve had all 3 COVID vaccines to date, and have unfortunately suffered 3 distinct increases in my MS symptoms.

I also lost my farther in Feb last year, right in the middle of lock down, which obviously brought on it’s fare share of stress.

Question: Has anyone else noticed a long term increase in symptoms after a vaccine?

Great to meet you all :grinning:

Hi and yes! It’s also made a difference to my menstrual cycle and my symptoms always get worse around the time of the month so whether they’re related I’m not sure!!! I had massive skin sensitivity and pain that I couldn’t describe in the week after my booster.

I’m also new here but I’m recently diagnosed, waiting on a lumbar puncture but the specialist has said PPMS due to my symptoms and MRI.

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Hi, I was off my feet after my first jab, but not so bad with the 2nd and 3rd.

I’ve had quite an increase in all my symptoms since Feb, but as I’ve not read of any other sufferers experiencing long term side effects, I feel it must be down to the loss of my father that’s caused my decline.

Just need to get used to it and move on as usual :slight_smile:

Hi Cortez. Welcome aboard!
None of my 3 jabs caused me any problems at all.

I have covid now…but a mild case…so I believe the jabs did their work.

hi cortez i am male 70 year old i got worse after each covid jab had bad water infection combined with kidney infection after last jag in september spent a few days in hospital then similar infections start of this month docters did not delay in giving me antibiotics this time i actualy feel better than i have for quite some time