Hi Carls, know exactly how you feel. I was dx’d in 2000 and had to give up work a year ago due to huge deterioration very quickly. Now housebound, only go out for appointments. If I do need to go out I have to go in a wheelchair with my OH. I did used to have a full life. Be honest with yourself, the people that will fall away from you (and there will be some) will leave you with true people who accept you for what you are! It has taken a year for me to accept what’s going on and now, when the weather gets warmer, I will make an effort to get out more on my scooter and try and regain some independence and some sort of life . I have lost all confidence and this needs rebuilding. Please visit this site as you will get support because we’re all going through (or have come through) the same things. Good luck and don’t get downhearted, this is a new phase we all have to adapt to. In the meantime just keep warm and think of new challenges ahead. Linda x


Thank you so much for that LindaH, i can see clearly now that i am not alone, so many of us are feeling the same isolation. You are a very brave woman and we should all take example from you and your plans to regain independence and confidence! I felt such low self esteem and the other day I hit rock bottom. Thats what brought me to this site and it has been wonderful. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Just to know that its not just me, that I have not lost myself completely has been uplifting for me! That of course is thanks to you & all the other wonderful people who saw my post, took the time to read it and replied offering the hand of friendship and support!

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If you post on a closed group it will only appear on your newsfeed and other member’s of the groups pages. It will not appear on any of your other contacts/friends pages. So feel free to say what you want on those closed group pages, they are a great way of getting instant support and advice.

Just popped in to have a quick look and have just read your replies. So pleased you are feeling a little better, try and keep going in that frame of mind. Good luck