Little things which please me

Dear reader, I hope things are better than expected and that the weateher suits you.I’ve knocked a little list together of simple things which help and please me;

A few elastic bands on either ‘claw’ on my new gripper reacher thingy. It grips better.

An elastic band around the ‘smoking fingers’ on the dodgy left hand prevents burning extra holes in myself.

I’ve nurtured and specially shaped my right index finger nail. Good for lots of things,especially around the mobile phone. You can imagine other obvious benefits.

Cutting up cardboard packaging to provide…er cardboard, for writing easily handleable(?) shopping lists.

I carry a few bits of said card and a marker pen when out and about. Very handy for leaving words of encouragement for the [filered words ] car drivers who park over our drop kerbs.I write on the card,not the car, but…

'Cos I’m on my little buggy whilst a new gearbox is sourced for ‘Big Bug’, I’ve velcroed a small mirror onto my left glove so I can see push bike riders whizzing up behind me on the tracks and paths I use. Apparently this idea could be of use to other people who might want the view behind.

Remote control electric plugs.A pack of three(“Ooh matron”) was £20 in B+Q. I can now turn the fan on without getting up, and am desperately looking for other things to automate

Just a few thoughts from a diseased mind


lovely post… its those little things that make such a difference to us, love the plug idea- may have to get some of those



Yesterday I was sorting through old copies of MS Matters and on the front page saw someone I recognised

On Sunday I didnt have to wash the dishes at the end of the day!

Tomorrow I was meant to be collecting a chocolate drum for my daughters birthday but it wont be ready til Thu now so wonder what I can do tomorrow? Some letter writing perhaps?

Equipment wise ‘the hook’ for opening tins and ‘blue dome’ for opening jars are brill-how else would I get into my marmalade?!

Another small thing that made me smile-I saw the Yogi Bear film on Sat (think I enjoyed it more than the kids!)

Thats all a bit of a ramble! Och well-am sure you get the gist!

Ellie x

PS if you are taking orders of simple things to keep us happy then can I book a cooking fairy please?! Ta muchly x

When I was young… in the 70s… I was a hippie. Life/work/need for money/motherhood/hectic lifestyle etc etc got in the way of all that. Now I have MS and unable to work and spend a great deal of time indoors, I’ve returned to some of my hippie ways.

Live much more ‘in the moment’. Spend time looking at nature… birds, flowers, clouds, the world going by (I have good views from my windows including Alexandra Palace!). Don’t give a damn what anyone thinks of me. Allow my flat to be untidy. Have a zillion houseplants (though not the illegal kind… that’s one thing I haven’t got back into even though, ironically, it’s said to be helpful with MS). Listen to music. Watch good movies. Read (a lot). Do not look at the clock… in fact only wear a watch when I have an appointment. Eat what I want (within reason), when I want. Wear comfy clothes and am always barefoot at home. Lie-in in the mornings. Tootle around on my scooter and stop at my favourite cafe for a cuppa.

Lots of little things but added together they make life worth living.

Lovely post. Thanks,

Pat x