day to day - hints & tips

What hints and tips do you have to help others in the day to day??

For example, when I am at home on my own if I want a hot drink - I make the drink in a vacuum flask then i can carry it to my chair safely.


i bought a low stool from B & M bargains £2.99. it enables me to safely unload the washing machine and put pans away in a low cupboard.

This is a good idea for a thread, but one I can’t really help with at the moment. The only think that got me was I tried an eye patch when I had ON but as I wear glasses anyhow it pushed my glasses out and meant my good eye was blurred as well! Since found out you can get special eye patches to wear with glasses but no idea if any good as was too late by that time.

I’ve got a husband who’s really very useful. But that’s of no value to anyone without such a useful gadget.

Apart from that, if I want a hot drink and I’m on my own, I make it in the coffee machine and sit there to drink it. I can’t really use the kettle.

There are obvious things like grabbers, but they tend to be out of reach when I want one …

I wouldn’t be without a bed rail. It’s a short bit of rail that has half of its body that slides under the mattress. It give me a handle to use when getting into and out of bed. I’ve just bought a travel one which looks possibly more helpful as it has pockets to stash things, like a book (or an e-reader). So it sticks up about 10 inches above the mattress and is about 8 inches wide. Very helpful.



Talk about teaching your granny to suck eggs! I’m sure we all have different ways of coping; personally I wouldn’t be without my bag, which holds a veritable cornucopia of useful gubbins - keys, diary, in which I scribble all the things I need to remember from day to day, and my phone with all my important numbers on it. My fold-away walking stick lives in my bag too; not used if I don’t need it, but handy to have on the occasions when you do need it…

Loads of things. My trolley pushy is a god send as i have my meds on the bottom shelf, the top one is used to transport my meals, drinks etc to my chair safely. Also i have a perching stool i sit and wash my tiny amount of dish washing, and then they quick dry and go on the trolley to be put away. I love my trolley lol.

my microwave, and halogen only things i use to for cooking as with the halogen its on the table top and i dont have to use the cooker.

An egg boiler which boils perfectly an egg without boiling water i dont use my stove or cooker at all.

A kettle tipper for my drink.

I have a small perching stool in bathroom when i have a wash.

mobility scooter couldnt survive without it.

electric wheelchair for those really bad days in doors

My care line

recliner chair

tall laptop table for my laptop which i can recline on my chair and type this without being uncomfortable

I only have one cup of coffee a day mostly that is made for me but if not i can manage the kettle on my tippy.

A cleaner who does the work lol.

buy all my food online

for some meals whilstshire farm or oakhouse

My PA gets my meds, and shower etc, so i suppose i have it sussed lol.


well meaning folk suggest toast as toast easy thing to eat when energy levels low?

i dont alot of bread but occasionally i do like it with marmalde or lemon curd.

i have a plastic thing that keeps the toast in the corner making it doable with only one hand. its not perfect but it certainly helps!

electric can opener and frozen diced onions are essential…


I’ve just discovered frozen diced onions, fantastic!

I have a pair of spring opening scissors that are so really useful for getting into every thing plastic wrapped. During the day I tend to live on various nut bars that I can get into by snipping off the end of the wrapper, can’t get in there without. I use my trundle bug (rollator) around the house, the clip designed to hold a walking stick hold my scissors perfectly so I always have them to hand. Wouldn’t be without my scissors.

CC, Thank you for your detailed list.

I’m not as ‘experienced’ as you, but I could not exist without my microwave. My cooker broke a while ago, so I dumped it and just use my microwave. As I think back, using the cooker now would be dangerous for me because my knees are so very weak that I fall over and cannot get up… so it would be a fire hazard. I have to press my pendant.

I use my microwave for everything, even my coffee. I use bottled water. Sorry for partially destroying our planet, but I don’t like my tap water. It smells and tastes of chlorine… Yuck…!!! Maybe my MS is responsible, who knows, but either way I can’t drink it.

However, I do miss a boiled egg. I cannot manage it in the microwave. What thing do you use…? Have you got a link for one online…?

I live mainly on jacket potatoes, grated cheese and banana sandwiches which I really enjoy, thankfully… LOL

I could do with a pushy trolley too. At the moment, I use my walking stick in my right hand and carry things around in my left hand, but I have trigger finger issues with that index finger, and arthritis in the little finger… so silly, but it hurts soooo much… so only have two reliable fingers for balancing things. I can’t cope with the walking stick in my left hand.

Although all these things are quite difficult with MS, isn’t it such a great feeling when you find a new way to cope with something…? I’ve got a (high) perching stool in the kitchen. It is very uncomfortable to perch on, but so very handy to help with moving around the kitchen without my walking stick…

Thank you so much for sharing your tips.


Just a thought Anne, aren’t there sort of egg poacher things you can use in a microwave? Not exactly a boiled egg, and I’ve never actually tried one, but I just read your post, thought of an egg poacher, and am about to see if I can find one. As I’d like one too!


  1. Folding walking stick. Snaps open with one hand.
  2. Wheelchair table
  3. Swivel seat for the car
  4. Leg lifter

I find the following items essential, in addition to the everyday stuff like shower seats, raised toilet seats and bed rails.

Flannel on a stick for washing my feet in the shower. Essential for washing between my toes.

My extra long shoe horn.

My telescopic walking pole. Vey compact when shortened and it fits in the basket on my scooter.

I have a feeling I will be in the market for a sock puller-on very soon. On bad days I am having trouble reaching my left foot.

On the food front, frozen blocks of garlic, ginger and chiilies make cooking a lot easier.

Phew, life on the edge, huh?

I have an old office chair in the kitchen. It has a soft back and seat, and wheels. I got he idea from an obese lady on TV who was zooming around on hers. I have it set quite low so that I can get things out that are low down, like kitchen cupboards, the washing machine and the dishwasher. I also have a Dyson Cordless vacuum cleaner. It is sooo handy not having to watch out for the cord, but was quite expensive. Its battery doesn’t last for much longer than 10 minutes, but that is more than enough for me.

Recliner chair, non-slip mats that cost a quid and you can cut lengths. Also, a Thai chef taught me that if you can get someone to cut up ginger, garlic, herbs, etc put them in a tiny plastic bag with the right amount of spices, lime leaf, lemon grass, curry powder etc that you need to make a curry, then tie the bag and put it in the freezer. Just get one bag out each time you fancy a curry, defrost and chuck in whatever you are cooking. If I am desperate I will use tin spuds too so I don’t have to chop them, they aren’t quite the same but once cooked in curry for a few hours they taste of something.

In the summer, I get loads of fruit, get it chopped, don’t blanch anything at all, I mix it up in little plastic cups to my liking i.e. red berries together, citrus with some, strawberries in another, then put some foil over the top, chuck it in the freezer. I have just pulled one out that I prepared in September. I was yummy although some of the skin can be a bit hard. There’s no way I’m going to pay three quid for some strawberries in January phhtphht!

Oh, tall loo, prevents me getting stuck. Ya can’t call ghostbusters when you are stuck on the loo and who takes their phone to the loo?

Bad days like today, first walk up town in ages really, two sticks. Couldn’t wear socks today, that light elastic stopped my feet working completely. I bought some gripped shoes before Christmas with fur inside so I can go out in the freezing weather, bit of skin on show to the world, tucked in a furry shoe, wonderful.

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Nice use of cornucopia and gubbins - I doff my cap to you! I also keep a bag close to hand, filled with a veritable smorgasbord of accoutrements.



When I can I cook extra portions, so I can have leftovers for the next couple of days. You can also get frozen veg from the supermarket, which saves having to chop. At Tesco they sell packs of frozen mediterranean char-grilled veg. Only takes a few minutes to fry. I’ll add some prawns or smoked salmon. Then with some fresh ravioli/tortellini and some pesto. it makes for a very easy meal.

I also chop veg in advance if I can. Chopping & cooking all together can be pretty tiring. But if I’ve got the veg already chopped, it makes cooking much easier.


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Dan has prompted me to mention that when I cook anything, chilli, bolognaise, stew, sloppy stuff, I’ll ALWAYS cook extra portions to go in the freezer. I save the plastic cartons that take-away food is delivered in and have bought similar cartons fromt’ cheap shop as these stack really well in the freezer draw. Get a variety going on a rotation basis, cooking a batch maybe every week or fortnight. My husband, who works, finishes off tea making and serves it so it’s such an easy job for him if all he’s got to do is heat up the meal in the micro weave whilst slicing bread, cooking or warming up an accompaniment to go with it. It’s also brill not to have to think what to have an have to prepare it.

I’ve recently started to do a week at a time menu plan and send Phil off to the super market with a list with only the things required for the meals on it. It’s working really well, saves on unnecessary expense, waste and leaves room in the freezer for the cartons.


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Thanks Dan… we all find our own ways of doing things, I suppose, and keeping things to hand and easily accessible is part of it! If I can’t find Sticky, you can guarantee I’ll need a stick (learnt that the hard way after going for a short walk to the post box without one in massive heat, and finding myself in the ditch unexpectedly!)… so he comes with me everywhere! Most of the time I don’t need it… because I have a stick to hand.

Mini chopper, blender and food processor, make preparing veg and grating cheese a very easy task, I grate all my cheese in one go, use a mini chopper for chillis etc, very quick! think there are 3 in the cupboard,one came with the food processor 2 with blenders,only because one blender died, easy to make mayo with too…very handy having 3 bowls if you are doing sweet and savoury, all mine are over 15 years old. My old food processor used to cut chips but this one doesn’t, can’t find one that does, bought it overseas, so maybe that’s why, I know you do get different accessories in certain countries.