little luxuries

what is your little luxury?

i’m sipping a gin and tonic right now with ice and lemon. mmmmmm i feel like the queen of sheba!


carole x

Friday - called “fat free friday” at work - no calories at all in chocolate on a friday - bliss. Must say am partial to a lemon sorbet with blueberries too.

im a baileys girl,with lots of ice…and i love chocolate,any chocolate…

J x

For me chocolate is a necessity and not a luxury. I do like Disaranno & Coke though. It tastes like a alcoholic Dr Pepper

And Dinks I do love lemon sorbet too. Just thinking of it is making my teeth water


A glass ( or two ) of red wine is my treat …or a slice of one of OH’s homemade cakes.

For me, it’s the strawberry and raspberry smoothie. I have it for breakfast almost everyday and every time I eat it I’m always surprised that I never get tired of it. It taste like heaven, I add to it a bit of double cream, my indulgence but as I don’t eat chocolate and don’t like too sweet foods I think I’m entitled to it. Mind you, weight has never been my problem, don’t buy into the ‘fat’ theories, probably sugar is more dangerous. But whatever rocks your boat!