Limbo ON

Hi there! hope everyone is well. about 2 years ago i had pins and needles went to hospital they found a lesion on brain and 1 on spine. i havent had much since then.

last week the dr said my left eye was dialating slower than my right. I panicked! my eye has been fine for a week now but has ached and the corner hurts. I always thought ON came on pretty quick, i have been to the drs and opticians since and they cannot find anything. Im in limbo and just worried its suddenly going to go blurry or i wont be able to see. Has anyone else had it and what were the symptoms before hand and the time period it went blurry or you saw dots etc

many thanks for any help given


I have never had it, but I am assuming if you are told you are fine it should be okay? Try not to worry.

I think ON is very painful. My ex had it and they thought he had a stroke, it was very obvious.I think it is best to see the gp and say you are worried and get referred back to neurology?

Yeah he is writing to my neuro. It’s not that painfull and only occasionally aches. I’m just worries when I’m out, or when I lone work it’s suddenly going to come on!

Also when people had ON did you have any other symtoms? Previous ms symptoms or fatigue? Iv got a stag weekend coming up and I’m already worried I won’t be able to go!