Limbo land

Hi, a newby here, in limbo land. I have Lhermitte’s sign, as well as numb hands and Back pain and stiffness, and fatigue and bowel incontinence :frowning:

About to have my second MRI on Wednesday after they found a lesion in my cervical spine on the first MRI. They are going to do a cervical spine, thoracic spine and brain MRI.

Is there anyone who’ve had a similar set of symptoms? What was the eventual result? Is there anything this could be apart from MS?

Dear Anjo, I am aware that no one has replied. Sorry. I am unsure if I can help?

I am recently diagnosed with MS and amongst other symptoms, back pain, numb hands and deep fatigue are among them. Stiffness is also a big part of my life now. Of course your symptoms may be attributed to other conditions, so try not to panic or worry. It appears that you are making good progress in finding out why you have your symptoms. Patience is the key. Kindest thoughts Ali x

Hi, I was wrongly diagnosed with MS for 10 years, but my problems were more with mobility…eg tripping up over fresh air!

Do you have foot drop?


Thank you both for your kind replies. Ali you are right that patience is key, but how difficult! I have my MRI scan tomorrow and am getting more and more anxious about it. Like so many people here I dread the result if it is positive, obviously, but also if it is negative, because then I will be back to square one.

Polis, no I don’t have foot drop. Not having it has to be a good sign right?

X anjo

Hi Anjo

MRIs aren’t as bad as you fear. They are noisy as hell and can last quite a while, specially if you are having the whole gamut of scans. Personally I’ve always found them to be a bit hypnotic and have actually fallen asleep in them several times.

Having one type of symptom or another is really no help in guessing whether or not you have MS. And at this point that’s all it could be, a guess.

I think everyone who has been in your position dreads both an MS diagnosis and not getting an answer equally. So it’s not weird to sort of hope you get an answer whatever that answer is. Reaching the end of limbo can be a great relief.

Good luck for tomorrow. Try not to worry about the MRI. If they don’t offer you one, ask for a pillow or a wedge to put under your knees. It helps you to stay still, which is needed.


Hi, just to update about the MRI scan, it showed just one lesion on my cervical spine, nothing else, so very good results indeed. But still I have a referral to the neurologist because of symptoms and the one lesion. But it’s looking good! Thanks to those who answered for their kind replies. Anjo

That does sound like good news Ango. Let us know what the end result is after your neurologists appointment.