limbo and scared

How does anybody bear this limbo land. I’ve gone from diagnosis in May Transverse Myelitis, to now saying Aug could be MS but maybe NMO, so awaiting test results NMO and MRI scans. The wait seems so unbearable until seen again Oct if MS or Nov if NMO, i feel my mental state is challenged, every day is a struggle with TM disability its has left, and maybe MS or nmo symptoms. On top of that positive auto immune for Sjogrens is confusing the matter. It may only been a few months, maybe that is quick in whole scheme of things but it’s really getting me down. I have a fight on my hands getting back to work too, occup health involved and the process is so unhelpfully long and drawn out. Being at home, alone mostly, can’t get about so well or drive, hurting blurry eye not helping. How do others manage the fear of what is coming? NMO sounds just horrible as does MS. I’m struggling.

hi julesgazz

october isn’t far off and november just a few more weeks.

talk to your contact in occup health for your work related concerns.

also talk to your gp as they have responsibility for you as a whole person.

s/he may prescribe something to help, such as a mild anti depressant.

the isolation of being at home alone and unable to get out would get to the most positive of people.

listen to the radio as tv requires your eyes, try your very best to relax.

basically everyone else wanted to know what was going on.

in many cases a diagnosis of ms is a relief.

keep talking to us on here.

be strong, you can do this.

carole x

Thanks, yes time must seems drag by. I need find a way of coping with jelly legs, unsteady on feet and getting out house. Been using taxi but funds restrict somewhat. Lot friends work. Occup health take nearly a week to ring you back when try talk to them. It’s crazy situation, asked manager if i could return work beginning august, she dragged her feet then occy health doing same, work need do risk assessment now before can even talk about going back. Crazy as my dr keeps asking me why I’ve not gone back yet! It’s frustrating, especially as i didnt see need for OH. My symptoms seem be settling, maybe I’m.just getting used to them. I’m so fatigued today, yesterdays poor mood i think, Sunday lots energy. Pacing myself is an art to learn! Thanks your encouragement, i know what you mean about diagnosis would be a relief, mad mind games!