Light At The End Of The Tunnel

For any new comers like me to the world of MS i hit a brick wall 2 weeks ago today and all but collapsed leaving me sore weak and unbalanced after a rough ole 2 weeks struggling to walk 100yds with a sttick and the wife to lean on i feel today im nearly back to where i was before that episode im back upright and gonna try a small bike ride today just around the town and see from there , i still cant walk properly and calfss are weak as a wossit (by the way i love wossits :slight_smile: crisps ) im back near what last week was a distant memory though in pain with this hug today is my day and the hug can do whatever it aint stopping me but a huge thanks to the folks on here for the support and for answering all my questions and concerns its much appreciated hope your all having a good day like me

all the best sheep

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great to read u r feeling stronger-i love hearing stories of folk finding their light!

i would like to send u something that i wrote several years ago if i may?


Great news. Hope you keep improving and getting stronger xx Julie xx

Fantastic… May your good health continue! Isn’t it great to feel normal from time to time :slight_smile:


Tracy x