Life Insurance

Hi everyone

Just looking for a bit of advice based on people’s experiences.

I’m currently about to move into my first home and have been advised to take out life insurance. I am 24, diagnosed 5 years ago, on Tysabri for nearly 3 years and have suffered no effects/symptoms/relapses in that time and generally in good health.

Does anyone have experience with main insurance companies (i.e. Aviva, Admiral, Direct Line) taking out life insurance with MS?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have taken out life insurance after dx. I had to take out additional insurance a few months ago and found that now I am secondary progressive it had become more difficult. There were standard questions that as soon as the progressive bit was mentioned either gave a refusal or a referral to underwriters. I was able to get cover but it cost a lot. However you are young (I’m 60) and RR so you will probably not have the same stumbling blocks. You won’t be able to get an accurate quote online you will need to talk to someone I think