Life in the slow lane

Its only taken me 13 years to adjust, I wasn’t always a slow learner. Completing the paperwork for the DWP is enough to set me back another 13 years. Why is it so hard to reflect on the negatives even after all this time?

When everything takes so long and life is difficult the last thing needed is justification for living and daring to receive benefits. I started work at 15 and rarely had time off but I am still expected to jump through hoops. Perhaps they think I have a magic wand and I can suddenly recover or speed myself up - wouldn’t that be grand?

Brian had to restrain me from putting expletives on every page and saved me spending several days of labouriously filling in by doing it for me. Even so it exhasted both of us as well as taking 2 days to complete. The thought, that there are those, on their own, expected to cope with this is upsetting.

If I do not receive Support I will park my power chair in front of the doors to the local job centre in protest. I could get arrested, now I would like to see them load me and my chair into a police van - ha!

Well its only another day at camp Moira…

Eee Moira, I know exactly where you`re coming from hun! I hate that expression, but it does fit the bill sometimes!

I retired from work through all this mallarky 13 years ago…but been having problems for 15.

Yeh, it takes me and mine eons to fill forms in, getting more and more upset and irate with every damned question, which often seems a repeat of the last one, only worded a little differently…is it a ploy to catch us out, I wonder?

However, unless we win big time on the lottery, Im afraid well be doing their bidding until we pop our clogs!

luv Pollx