Letter from Neuro..

After my last neuro appt, (where I read in my notes whilst passing to desk for appts: “possible MS, evidence of demylination ?MS” … although he told me to my face he thinks MS is unlikely but possible!)

Anyway… I got the letter he sent to my GP. I won’t copy the whole lot, but these points stood out to me.

“On examination, there was some mild weakness in the legs, though with encouragement it was probably full for brief periods…”

“The reflexes are brisk, slightly brisker on the left. I was suspicious that the left plantar response is now upgoing. Sensation is in tact…”

'There continue to be a lot of symptoms that could easily be attributed to chronic migraine or previous diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Some of her symptoms do however have a more ‘organic’ feel to them and there are some soft signs on examination…"

“Despite the normal MRI brain and C/Spine, I think she does need further investigations. I have arraned admission into day case ward for lumbar puncture and evoked potentials and a further MRI to include her thoracic cord…”

I’ve go for my other tests on Tuesday… so will have to wait for the results from them, but it looks like he is working on things and does actually think I have something…!!! Especially as he said it now looks organic? (not 100% sure what that means, but think I have a fair idea)

I am very unsure on what he menas in this bit… “On examination, there was some mild weakness in the legs, though with encouragement it was probably full for brief periods…” what was full with encouragement? the weakness? ??

Any translations or opinions would be greatly received. Thank you

Julie x

My guess would be that you have some stuff going on that doesn’t fit with your current diagnoses & that he thinks is biological/physiological in origin (rather than mental). Upshot is: he believes you, and wants to do more tests to see if he can work out what’s going on. Good news!

I think maybe he meant that your leg strength was normal but only briefly?

Karen x

Thanks Karen, That’s my reckoning too, but needed someone else to see the same.

I highly appreciate your answers. Thank you!


Julie, he is saying he thinks you have a condition but he needs to prod and poke some more to establish which one it is

As I understand it ‘brisk’ isn’t a compliment in medic speak it means the reaction was more than expected.

Good luck on Tuesday, all the best with the tests

I have heard that LP can give some people a very bad headache which can be averted/aleviated by large quantaties of coca cola (other cafinated beverages are also available)

KBO kid


Hi, i had a lumbar punch. mine didn’t hurt as much as i expected but keep laid flat for as long as poss afterwards.good luck x