Let's try & be positive who's ms isn't a nightmare or hasn't been!

Has anyone got any stories like this to tell ?

Strange question to post anonymously!

no it’s a nightmare !

Think we all try to be positive anyway however at some point be it only briefly or more often or constantly I think we can all say that our m.s at some point is a nightmare I.e in relapse. It may settle but it may not and the fact it leaves us sometimes with damage then think that’s classed as a nightmare however we all try and rise above it. I do agree its a very strange question to ask. X

mines a nightmare, especially when i cant get help from my own ms nurse

Nightmare here too

I think it’s all down to perspective tbh. My boys are older and I’ve been unwell for 10 years so when I got my dx (last year) it was actually a bit of a relief and having had ‘practice’ for being unwell it wasn’t such a shock…


I don’t think you can really put a positive spin on any part of having MS. The only positive I can see is a cure. Now that would be a serious positive.


Strange question to post anonymously!

[/quote] Strange question indeed ! Do you think it comes from an ATOS spy ?

One positive point is as I was an active athletic sort of person who suddenly disappeared from the racing scene, people ask about MS when I tell them the reason why. I also do race results and organise events previously so see a lot of my running colleagues and raise money for MS Society through this.

That is about it really!

Nothing about MS itself is positive.

The positives that have come from having MS are that i have learned not to worry about the future as much, take one day as it comes. Also i try hardern ow to enjoy being in the moment, I find this makes me much more relaxed and i have a better and more positive outlook on life.

I was/am struggling a bad patch? I’ve given in I’m trying antidepressants, day 8lets see how it goes. But not wanting to depress anyone I’m going to send Take care M

mines not bad really …dont get me wrong I haeve days that are not so good but on the whole id say 90% of the time I AM GOOOOOODDDD

I have good and bads days, and my left foot hurts all the time and I oftern have a painful buzzing in my head. BUT on the very positive side - with the help of my martial arts instructors I managed to pass my BLACK BELT in December 2012

I have little to no pain so that’s a positive. I am still well able to get around without help. I work full time. I still enjoy all my old hobbies (I was never into sport or anything). I still work full time and my life hasn’t really changed.

I do try to stay positive although a relapse is always a bit of an upset and a set back.

I don’t think the question is that unusual. As someone who is newly diagnosed it’s good to hear from people whose MS isn’t “bad”. Obviously, not having MS would be even better, but looking for stories where someone with MS is doing well and not badly affected isn’t all that strange. I know I take heart from hearing them.

People on forums are less likely to have good news stories because they are more likely to be currently relapsing, recently diagnosed, retired because of MS, etc. The people who are well are out there doing stuff!

My MS was absolutely fine for years 3-10. In that time, I was even grateful to MS because it made me sort out my life, get my priorities in order, etc, and that allowed me to achieve all sorts of things. Since you sort of asked in the OP, these included a second dan black belt in taekwondo, various gold medals in International taekwondo competitions, Intermediate and Grade 8 ballet, BSc, PhD, run my own business, be there for my kids instead of my boss, etc. - I was basically one of those marathon-running type MSers.

But as time goes on, MS isn’t so kind. Some people get lucky - their MS stays as good as mine used to be. The rest of us don’t. And good news stories get a lot thinner on the ground when that happens.

These days, I am just sick of my MS. It affects everything; every single little thing I do. I still have a good life, but it would be infinitely better without my MS.

I reckon the best thing since having an MS like condition, is meeting folk here. Got some lovley friends now.

luv Pollx

totally agree with Rizzo,when my ms didnt have that much of an impact on my life,i was out there living my life,i didnt feel the need to visit ms forums UNTIL my ms truned aggressive and had a massive impact on me,i used think that my ms wouldnt get me,i wouldnt let it !!!

i buried my head in the sand,but sadly for me, it decided to turn aggressive,because it wanted to and no amount of positive thinking will make it go away.one thing i am thankful for is that it allowed me to get my kids grown up,before it took hold,like it has.


I suppose it depends what you see as a nightmare really. Yea my MS has pretty much always been on the very active side and that has changed my whole life but I wouldn’t describe it as a nightmare…it’s just how it is, I get on with life as best I can and don’t dwell on the bad stuff or what could have been. It’s the way it is and that’s that, no nightmare, difficult at times but that’s life, MS or not.


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Strange question to post anonymously!

[/quote] Strange question indeed ! Do you think it comes from an ATOS spy ?[/quote]

Absolutely…very strange question to pose anon…but no…MS is generally awful although many of us had a reasonable time initially.

I can’t think of positive stuff that has happened DESPITE this dreadful condition but nothing else…sorry newbies…as Karen says…it tends to be those severely affected that gather on forums like this…