Lesions/"dots" - same thing?

Hello all, been reading around but can’t find anything about this specifically and was hoping somebody could help? I was called on Friday to attend an appointment with neurologist pre-clinic this morning to get mri results. First thing he said to me was that the brain scan showed “no tumours or lesions” but that there were 5/6 “dots” which showed up. I’m 28 and the only symptom I’ve been having has been random intermittent numbness over the course of a couple of years. He’s referred me for a lumbar puncture to try to find out why the dots are there, which I’m thankful for. MS was the first thing he mentioned it could be, as well as a connective tissue disorder and some other things that I didn’t really absorb. The thing that confuses me is that having read up online about these “dots”, it seems that it’s just a simpler word for lesions… But why would he specifically say no lesions if I have 5 or 6 “dots”? Can anyone suggest what he might have meant?

Hi Socsan and welcome :slight_smile:

I have not heard of the dots your neuro is decribing. I do know some small spots can occur due to age, but given your 28, i think this is unlikely to be the cause! When are you seeing the neuro again? Hopefully then he can clarify things for you. Hopefully somebody else will be along with a more helpful answer!

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Hi Laura, thank you for answering. Yeah he did say that he would possibly expect maybe 3 dots (one for each decade?) and that he would expect this many maybe for a 50-60 year old. I won’t see my neuro again until my lumbar puncture results are ready. I was a bit blindsided yesterday morning, and after having read up quite a lot online I have about a million questions to ask him that I wouldn’t have known to ask yesterday. I just have to suck it up and wait I suppose, I just wish he had been a bit clearer about lesions/dots. (Apologies for having posted the same thread twice, I didn’t see the info last night saying that it would be put on by a moderator!)