Les Mis/London

Evening all! Chuffin` cold, innit?

Just spent 2 hours on a fruitless task.

I saw Les Mis new film recently and am an ardent fan.

me and me carers are wanting to go see it in London. It is at The Queens Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. There are a small amount of wheelie spaces. I`ve trawled to find availability for a matinee or evening show.

I`ve emailed them, as i was getting nowhere.

Then of course, I had to find a hotel with a hoist and other kit I need. Found Copthorne tara in Kensington and Novotel Waterloo.

Tying the 2 together is a daunting task, but I am prepared to continue in my quest.

Can anyone help with this?

I am looking to go June/July or September.

or am I on a wild goose chase?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll… sounds like a great idea.

I found this site… you can choose which disabled aids are priority… so on your behalf, I’ve put wheelchair access, accessable toilet and wheel-in shower… and hoist.

These hotels came up. They are all central London where the theatre is.

You could probably get a cheaper hotel out of central London… but less chance of having hoist etc… and also further to go to get to the theatre.

As usual Poll I admire your pluck. As you know, I live in London & never go into central London let alone go to a show…

PatB x

Sorry love, they are not all in central London.

The ones in central London all begin with postcode W.

But one of the others might be cheaper and there are accessable taxi’s in London.

Pat x

If you manage to find hotels etc, make sure and join the Access List of the theatre so you get the reduced prices. (You normally have to phone to book.)

Fingers crossed for you! It’s a great show :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thanks Pat (love your new name) and Karen.

I`m still looking.

luv Pollx