Has anyone had the five day infusion and how have they found it?!


No but I’m due to start soon.

I think because its quite a new treatment there is not much out there yet. I have found two good groups on Facebook which may be worth a look. One just for UK Lem patients and the other is international. Both have lots of info and many shared patient experiences.

Hi Kris,

I have had three lots of five day infusions.In short…all good!Would be happy to answer any questions you have to feel free to DM me.

Hi Kris

Had a five day course in September 2013 and then three more days in September 2014 - no relapses in between or since and haven’t looked back. Just have to have monthly blood and urine tests at my GP surgery now with no daily medication to take at all. Can’t praise Lemtrada (formerly Campath) enough…!

I can’t read comments like yours without tearing up :’) i’m so happy for you. I hope everything continues to be positive for you. Can’t wait to start treatment xx