Lemtrada infusions

Went into hospital Monday late afternoon everything was prepared Tuesday and had my first infusion yesterday which was an hour of steroids then a four hour infusion of the drug. Felt quite rough after it last night but had a good nights sleep. I get the weekend off and will be finished on Tuesday. As they say, what makes you bad makes you better :slight_smile:

K x

Being PPMS I have nothing to do with DMDs.

This Lemtrada sounds pretty powerful stuff-an hour of steroids before it! And you have to be in hospital too?

I will have to read up on it.

I really hope it works for you.


Yes, it’s five days of infusions with the first three being with steroids.

hi mr LGQ

lemtrada has had some amazing results so stick with it and do let us know more.

i have been moved from copaxone to tecfidera which is a more powerful drug but not as much as lemtrada.

​i could tell it was powerful because i felt rough at first.

no pain, no gain eh?

carole x

There is a guy that posted daily/weekly/monthly then finally yearly updates when taking lemtrada, it was an excellent read. It was 14 yrs ago he started it, 4 attacks a year he was having (same as i’ve had) he’s walking 9 to 10 miles a week with his 2 dogs :slight_smile: says the only thing effecting him now is age taking it’s toll lol cannot wait for my wedding to be over so i can start this!! goodluck. xx