Lemtrada Treatment


I am about to go into Hospital for Lemtrada treatment and I just wondered if anyone recently has undergone this. HOw do you cope with the pre and post op treatment requirements eating wise? I have been on Tecfedera for a year which hasnt worked so this is now the next stage. I worry there is a lot to take in when starting this treatment. Any help is appreciated.

It might be worth trying a post over at 404: This page could not be found, as a few people seem to have had the treatment.

I have had round 1 as a day patient, my MS nurse said to follow the pregnancy diet for three months after the infusions, to reduce the risk of Listeria.

I asked about before starting the infusions, she said it wasn’t necessary, but I know all the hospitals vary on this advice.

I also pointed out that back in the day (my youngest will be 30 next month), that the pregnancy dietary advice consisted of cut back on the fags and don’t drink too much!

Hope your treatment goes well.