Legs feel unsupportive at times

Hi to everyone. This is my first post.

Early April this year I was leaving a restaurant with my family when I started to feel my legs “go spongy” from the lower thigh down. A really strange sensation.

I sat down for a moment, letting others pass me before getting up to join them. I’d only walked a couple of steps before the sensation returned and I was grabbing onto someone so as not to fall to the ground.

I spent the night in hospital, where a stroke was ruled out. At one point I could not lift my leg off the bed at all, but was able to do so later.

However, the reason for my collapse was never determined.

I’ve since had an MRI carried out which came back clear (apart from showing fusing in my back due to Ankylo. Spond.). I was also found to be anaemic and have recently started taking iron tablets, which have begun to stop the constant tiredness.

Recently the sensation that I might collapse has returned. I don’t always feel I have 100% balance and in truth have no idea what’s going on.

I’m hesitant at going to the doctor’s as it feels I have a season ticket with them. However, if things don’t improve, I’ll have to.



Hello Paul

That does sound like an odd symptom. And one that you probably should follow up with your GP, maybe see if you could be re-referred to the neurologist?

It’s not impossible, just unlikely, to have a completely clear MRI (from demyelinating lesions) and then to be later diagnosed with MS.

Buy it’s definitely worth getting checked out. It often seems to people that they are looking like they are constantly at their GP practice and that they look like hypochondriacs as a result. Ignore this feeling. If you have strange symptoms, then see the doctor.


Thanks Sue for your comments.

No doubt it’s the “stupid man thing”, but I’ll see how things go over the next week or two, then act accordingly. While in no rush to see my GP, should I need to I will.

Thanks once more,