Legal question - not M.S.

If someone is a beneficiary in a will can they refuse to accept what has been left to them?

Would the executors then dispose of the unwanted money?

Sorry dont know the answer,but it could be given to charity


Yes you can.As to what happens to it, it depends on the wording of the will. In some cases what you have refused will be given in equal amounts to the other beneficiaries, in other caces it will be up to the Executors to decide where it goes. Or you could just ask the executors to pass it on to a charity, that’s what I did when I refused an inheiritance, at least someone benefitted.Hope that helps.

You can refuse the bequest, but the executors may ask you to put this in writing, and to sign a letter saying that you are not going to make any claim against them in the future. (ie. If they redistribute your share of the estate and you were to change your mind six months later, you would not be able to claim the money)

What happens to a refused bequest would depend on the exact wording of the will.

Thanks for your replies.