leg lifter

Hi all, i am having problems lifting my legs into bed (i havn’t slept in my bed for a month now sleeping in recliner chair) i got o/t involved they have come up with a battery operated hoist which lifts legs i just wondered if anyone has had this problem and what was the solution thank you Ivan.

Mmm, sounds an interesting bit of kit, that I havent come across.

I am full hoisted for every transfer.

Hope the kit works for you.


My previous physio came up with a different leg lifter.
This was about two feet of aluminium tube with a canvas loop on one end to hold and pull, and a loop on the othjer that could be bent to fit ove your foot.

Stick your foot in one loop and pull up with the other, It works! Problem is that my wife thought it untidy hanging on the bedpost. That was then - now it is harder to get into bed, I must give it another try.