Leg lifts

I can’t lift either leg from the hip, so lifting my legs into bed, onto wheelchair footrests, into the car etc. I’ve been looking online at leg lifts. Does anyone use them, any recommendations or any to avoid?


Hi Flowerpot,

I have the same problem with my left leg. Usually just to use my hand to lift from under my knee…

But I did buy a leg lifter. Difficult to describe but I’ll try. It’s a long piece of wired webbing with a stirrup for the foot at one end and a loop handle at the other end. Cost about £10.

Worth trying -anything to help. Don’t forget, you can get VAT relief if you have a medical condition like MS.


I use one just as Jen describes, can’t remember where I got it from, quite a cheap thing really, until I needed it I couldn’t understand how much help one would be. Now I wouldn’t be without a leg lifter. It is sometimes a problem getting the webbing bit under one foot or the other, but I persevere!!


Hi, I used to use one too…got it from physio. It did help quite a lot before I lost all mobility.