Leaving job worried about the future

I am leaving my job,it is quite a long story but is the best thing to do. I am just worried about the future if I will get another job,how I will cope money wise etc.I have ms I am able to work but there is limitations.Just worried no one will want to employ me. As anyone been in this situation or got any advise. Any advise would be appreciated.

Sorry to ask, if you prefer not to tell us, but are you quite sure it’s the best thing to do? Are you past the point where you can reconsider?

The reason I ask is it sounds as if you’re leaving voluntarily, and, as a general rule of thumb, it’s never a good idea to resign voluntarily due to ill health, when there’s a chance you might get a much better deal by being medically retired, or even being on the sick for some time, and still getting paid, before yielding to the inevitable.

Have you asked your existing employer for “reasonable adjustments”, and have they made any? Because leaving should be last resort, not first resort. They (and you) should have explored avenues that might let you continue in the job - or even a different job in the same company. Has this happened?

If you walk out of a job without being deemed medically incapable, it may also affect your entitlement to benefits, because you could be seen as voluntarily unemployed.

I’m sorry if I’m making a lot of assumptions here, and have guessed wrong. But if you haven’t already, the message really is to try everything short of quitting, as generally, if you can hold on, and (if it comes to it) force them to get rid of you, rather than walking out voluntarily, you’ll get a much better deal.

You’re quite right that it’s not a good time to be looking for work - even without illness - so if there’s any chance at all of keeping a job you’ve already got, even if it means reduced hours, changed duties, or going on the sick for a while, I’d explore that first.

As for whether anyone would want to employ you - well, how would they know? The law changed years ago, so that prospective employers are (in most cases) no longer allowed to ask about health or disability, so why would you tell them stuff they’re not supposed to be asking?

There ARE some exceptions to this: for example, some employers operate - I think it’s called the Blue Tick Scheme (or maybe Double Tick Scheme?) - where applicants who declare a disability are guaranteed an interview! So obviously, take each case on its merits: if it’s looking like they operate positive discrimination in favour of disabled people, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by keeping quiet about it. They might want to see you.

That’s all I can suggest, really.

I was made redundant last year, and haven’t even looked for anything else. I’m not struggling financially just yet, and probably won’t for another few years, but what worries me is I’m spending NOW the money that was meant for my old age. So I dunno what happens if it runs out short of retirement age, and I’m 65, with MS, and still supposed be out there working!


I would just second the good points that Tina has made about making quite sure that you understand and have exhausted all other possible terms on which you might leave before you consider just resigning.

Good luck.