LDN vs Biotin.


I have just ordered Biotin and was wondering should I stop the LDN.

The LDN doesn’t seem to do much these days but does seem to help fatigue.



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zthat made me smile Nina

Try again this time without the tremours

Nina that made me smile is what the top line should read how it came out like that on the top line is anyones guess.

I am seeing the MS physio this week to discuss further treatment so may ask again about LDN. I dont know anything about Biotin so am going to Google it now . Wish me luck coz this has had about 20 typos I have had to correct.



Glad I made you smile Don!

I think both are worth a try! It’s nigh on impossible to get LDN on the NHS but it’s not expensive.

Some neuros are not keen but mine is very happy for me to use it…even if it just relieves one symptom it’s worth a try, for me it’s helped bladder, bowels, skin problems, can’t think of the name…but it’s crawly ants and sore patches that aren’t really there and walking too…that took a long time but little by little my walking has improved almost to the point that’s it’s as good as when I trialled the walking drug…sorry names gone from my befuddled brain…that was brilliant but caused nasty side effects for me.

The best place for info about LDN is the LDN trust…as far as biotin is concerned there are several threads going back on this section of the forum. Spacejacket has posted some very informative stuff.

hope you and Heather are ok Don?

Take care,

Nina xx

Thanks everyone for the replies, especially Nina, made me smile.

Biotin has just arrived, I’ll start it tomorrow, get the wife to help me measure it out.

Strange saying the wife, we’ve only been married 2 weeks.




Many congratulations on your marriage Ronin!

Pat xx

Oh, congratulations Ronin!

I Wish you all the luck and happiness on the world.

Good luck with the biotin, let us know how it goes.

Nina x

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Congratulations Ronin to both you and your wife.

Me and my hubby have been married for 44 years, and he always jokes by telling people it cost him £14. for the church, bells and the choir, and he just wants his moneys worth!!

Pam x



l am also taking LDN and Biotin - have been using LDN for several years. Helps me keep a positive attitude. l had to stop when l was in hospital with total knee-replacement and on morphine - like Nina. And as soon as l was able l went back on it. l was surprised out how much l missed it. Had started thinking it was not doing anything - as l must have got used to the benefits.

l shall be interested to see how you improve with the biotin. l have been filling a empty ldn pill pot with biotin - keeping the rest in the back of the fridge. Saves keep opening my ‘stash’ 3 times aday. Don’t forget - you can put the days .300mg into a small bottle of water and drink at intervals during the day.



My neuro has suggested that Biotin might be helpful to me and also Vit D3. Any ideas on best places to buy these things and is anyone taking them. Any good results to post?

Hi Skye,

Its great to hear that a neuro is recommending biotin!

I get my Vit D from Amazon. Unfortunately I can’t recall where the biotin came from, I do remember it was America. My husband has changed his computer so we have lost the details but I’m sure if you google where to buy pure biotin, something should come up.

There is also a Facebook group called biotin for progressive MS, I haven’t seen it but I know Spacejacket has said there’s a lot of information on there.

Its helped me in several ways, hope you find the same,

Take Care,


Thanks Nina, I’ll have a look for that Facebook page. Good old Amazon, where would we be without them?

My neuro was really helpful, his previous recommendation for Fampyra (aid for walking) has been working for about 3 years but unfortunately, as things are progressing and my right leg is now worse than my left, it’s not effective now. It’s also bloody expensive, so I was lucky to be in a position to pay for it.

Hopefully I’ll get some benefits from the biotin. I’ll let you know, thanks again.


I ordered my Biotin powder (online) from:

Worth investigating?


Thanks Dom, certainly worth a try.


Wow Dom, just had a look at their site, amazing what you can buy on-line!


My progressive MS is (annoyingly) progressing! The Biotin on it’s on isn’t doing much at all so I’ve decided I should give LDN a try but my neuro is against the idea and won’t prescribe. I think it’s worth a try, does anyone know a reliable prescriber? Dicksons Chemist in Glasgow seem to be a good source if I can get a prescription.

Hi Skye, most people on here get it from Dicksons in Glasgow. If you go onto the LDN Research Trust website there is a bit with contact details of private doctors who will prescribe it. You fax or send scan of letter from neuro saying you have MS.

Hope this helps and good luck with it,

Pat xx

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Hi Pat, Thanks for this but I must be missing something as all I’m getting is a chance to Email the Trust or go to an On-line GP. I don’t see any list of doctors. Help!

This site should contain all the information you need.


Hi all

Just updating on the LDN. Started on Weds 10th on a really low dose, it goes up by 0.5ml every fortnight, so fingers crossed!

Prescription came from e-med who were easy to deal with. Drug is coming from Dicksons in Glasgow and they’ve been very efficient.

Although my Neuro and GP refused to prescribe this, they both want updates, I feel like a lab rat. At least my GP did phrase it in terms of concern in case I felt unwell.

Now I feel that I am doing all I can in terms of medications/exercise/healthy eating. I’m in a pro-active mood!!!