LDN How long does it take to work

Hi everyone

I have a friend who cannot take DMDs and has been given LDN. She’s been on it since just before Christmas and hasn’t noticed any benefits from it as yet. She says she was hoping it would help with fatigue but hasn’t had any lessoning of symptoms at all.

I think I read that you should give it at least 3 months before considering the benefits, so I suppose she should wait until March at least before she gives up with it.

Any information gratefully received.



Hi Wendy

I have been taking LDN for almost 5 years. I noticed an improvement within 48 hours-tho I appreciate this is very rare.

I have had no obvious attacks since (11 in less than 2 years prior to that) but a very slow deteroiration of bits that had already been affected by the previous attacks. I guess this is because LDN cant repair the damage thats already been done.

I believe that it can take up to 6 months to show any difference/improvement.

Ellie xxx

l have been taking LDN for about 3yrs. l noticed benefits almost straightaway - but l did start on 3ml. l have only to miss one days dose to notice a difference. My MS has not progressed since l started taking it - l now take 4.5ml daily.


Thank you all very much for the information, I will send it to my friend and I’ll have a look at the LDN forum.



A month really isn’t long enough to tell and it can take much longer just to establish the correct dose. Some people report improvements after one year, so best not be too impatient.

What dose is your friend taking, this is also an important factor.

Hi again

Forgot to say-I missed it for 3 days 2 years ago (cos I spilled some!) and it wasnt good, couple of my worst symptoms instantly reappeared. May have been coincidence? I have never felt like that again so I have to assume its cos I did miss 3 doses. I seem to be very sensitive to LDN tho-I dont meant the dose (I take 4.5mg) but I mean that it ‘does as it says on the tin’ for me.

Ellie x


Ive been taking LDN for ttwo years and then stopped as we want to try for a baby and gosh I have noticed that I have stopped. I didnt think it did that much until I stopped it. My bladder symptoms improved - no urgency and energy levels were better. Also when I did have a relapse they didnt progress as quickly.

She may not notice it was helping until he/she stops taking it

F x

You might be interested to read this snippet from the ldn research trust site.

2009 ldn Conference.

Dr Phil Boyle from the Galway fertility Centre, described the incredible fertility work that is carried out at this centre which included LDN in many cases. Although predominately a fertility clinic, Phil has had requests for LDN from many patients with MS and other autoimmune conditions. He reassured the audience that LDN is safe in pregnancy, having had fifty healthy babies born to mothers who took LDN throughout the pregnancy. Not only that but he feels LDN greatly improves pregnancy outcomes and reduces risk of prematurity. LDN is also useful in treating endometriosis and polycystic ovarian disease. Dr Boyle made the point that LDN works best when given alongside appropriate nutritional support including vitamin D and omega 3.

Thanks for that. I did look into it and believe me we did consider me continuuing taking it when pregnant, but I just felt that if there was anything wrong with the baby tha I would possibly blame that and then myself. Does that make sense…?

I will be straight back on it after we have had one (thats if we manage to conceive quickly!). Im not sure if you can take it whilst on other medication like Tysabri/Copaxone as one of those might be a possibility after pregnancy.



I completely understand your position and only posted the information in case you were unaware of it.

There are plenty of people successfully taking both ldn and DMD’s, so not a problem if you wish to combine the treatments. The only person I can recall taking ldn and Tysabri was sami.I on the old site and she seemed very pleased with the results.

Happy conceiving.

Good question, as i have been taking LDN for the last 2 months and don’t really find any benefits from it but i’m pleased to read that it will take a while - i’m on copaxone as well - really fed up with this old disease at the minute, but roll on the Spring…

A very good friend of mine began LDN, not knowing she was pregnant. She miscarried a very dearly wanted baby very soon afterwards.