laughed at by my doctor

hello all im new here.

im currently in the very early stages of being tested for MS.

i have been having symptoms for about a year and it was only when i spoke to a family member that all the dots started adding up and showing MS.

ive had tingling all over in different parts of my body , ive had to to take naps during the day most days even after 8-9 hours sleep at night. ive had pain in my joints and my hands on and off for months, ive had anxiety for years and recently went througt theropy for it.

right now as i type this my left knee is totally numb and my foot is aching . and a few weeks ago i had an accident a work where i was carrying something and my right arm went numb and i dropped the box on my foot.

i also have had a lazy left eye for years but this year it all of a sudden got worse and i had to change my options proscription.

i also get alot of migrains.

i went to my doctor a few weeks ago and the first doctor sent me for some basic blood tests and then went back last week and was told to go for some more intensive blood tests to test liver function things. it felt though when i mentioned the possibilaty of MS she like hid a laugh and said just go for the blood tests … i feel like im going crazy. ive had to cut down my hours at work as im just so exhausted. please tell me what to do.

It’s very tempting to add up your dots and come up with a self diagnosis of MS. But your symptoms, while they could add up to MS, aren’t necessarily caused by it. There are many other diagnoses which could be causing your problems.

Having said that, it’s so wrong to be laughed at by your doctor, when you have very real concerns.

Is there another GP within your practice who you could see when the results from your blood tests come back?

One thing I would say, is that Doctors absolutely hate it when we suggest a diagnosis. It’s often a better idea to ask the doctor whether she/he thinks there could be a neurological cause for your various symptoms and asking for a referral to a neurologist. And even then (hopefully) once you see a neurologist, I wouldn’t suggest that you think it’s MS, just take with you a list of what symptoms you have experienced and when. Write down what symptoms have lasted and what has gone away and how long they’ve taken to dissipate.

I do hope you get to see a more sympathetic GP and get a referral to a neurologist so you can have your symptoms considered by an expert and maybe had the tests which will tell you if it is indeed MS or something else maybe that you’ve not considered.



Good advice from Sue. Your symptoms might be indicative of many things. Your GP can think what they like but they should provide support in a polite and professional manner. I hope you get some better help soon. Mick

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Its a long process to get to diagnosis, I do agree to ask your doctor to refer you to a Neurologist and list your symptoms and their frequency. They may suggest an MRI of brain and/or cervical spine. I’m hopefully close to a diagnosis after 12 months of appointments and tests, having recently had lumbar puncture, evoked potential tests and cervical spine MRI.

There are so many diseases and disorders that can mimic MS and it takes time to exclude these other conditions. I’m being tested for MS but also vasculitis/ small blood vessel disease which can cause the same symptoms . It’s a lengthy process but definitely ask for a referral.

Good luck

Lou x

thankyou all so much,

i recently went back and see another doctor who ended up suggesting a few different things, since my last post my pain in. my knees hasent gone and is still really bad.

thankyou all for your support.