Last two annual reviews

In January last year I had my annual review with my neurologist by phone because of the pandemic. He’s well known for being abrupt. Start to finish from introduction to goodbye “I’ll see you next year” took just three minutes!
Box ticked, annual review completed.
My annual review with him this year once again took place by phone a couple of weeks ago. My appointment was 0950 - he rang at 0943 and terminated the call at 0940. He actually surpassed himself, but nevertheless review completed and box ticked. He’ll speak to me again next year.
At least I was spared a fifty mile or five mile round trip (depending which hospital he held the clinic) and the attendant parking problems for such a brief consultation!

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Hi Flowerpot,

I empathize with you. The doctor gets the job done but you are left feeling stung. Because you have had no time to really talk about how life has been.
To feel listened too and cared for.

Then you have to digest what was said and adapt to his recommended changes if any were given.

Thinking of you.

Crystal :sunflower:


Hi Flowerpot
As @Crystal says, you have every right to be feeling stung, or short-changed by your Consultant’s attitude.

In the first instance, write to your consultant. Often they are hard to reach but you can write to his Medical Secretary and ask for the email to be forwarded. Make sure to copy your GP surgery on the email. Point out that you are dissatisfied that his attention to you was by phone for a total of 10 minutes in 2 years and that you would expect a physical examination for him to be able to gauge your health and progression relative to the previous session. Remember that these facts will be well known to him but embarrassing to him to see your information being shared with others. Hopefully this will spur him into action.

Failing that, or as a part 2, contact your GP surgery and say that you’re concerned that the Consultant might be negligent in his care of you. The “N-word” is very powerful in medical circles! Could ask your GP to get you switched to another consultant.

For comparison, whilst I have had some issues over my care and treatment plan, in both of my two meetings with my consultant it has been nearly an hour each time, and face-to-face, followed up with a report copied to GP, MS Nurses as well as me. You deserve far better than what you’re receiving.


Sadly I think quite a few patients with progressive MS will relate to this!


Thank you. I appreciate your comments but don’t feel up for a fight!
My experience with neurologists has been mixed.
Number 1 was abrupt and is once again my consultant and his bedside manner hasn’t improved!
Number 2 was an MS specialist and listened to me and talked to me, but it was a hundred mile round trip to say I’ve got worse and for him to say he’s still nothing to offer me.
So I was referred back to my local hospital where I saw number 3, the worst in my opinion. The first time I saw him he told me he couldn’t do anything for me, so he’d see me once more in a year then discharge me, which true to his word, he did. Box ticked, patient discharged, successful outcome.
I didn’t see anyone for about three years, until I asked for a referral to another MS specialist, a fifty mile round trip, but again he listened to me and talked to me. He was very easy on the eye too! Then he left and couldn’t be replaced, so I didn’t see anyone for a couple of years before coming full circle and finding myself back with number 1.

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