Lamicatal -Lamotrigine ???????

I have just been prescibed this for nerve pain. Has one else tried this drug? and if so , how did you get on with it.

In the past I have tried Amytriptilyne (did nothing) & Duloxtine (bad side effects)

I also take Lyrica, which does help.

Thanks Twist.

Hello Twist,

I am sorry but I can not offer you any answers to your question. However, can I get more info on what side effects you had with Duloxitine please?

I am asking as I have been given it for Nerve pain too.

Have to say though the only thing that I notice with it is it that I am flipping knackered after taking it.

Hope you get some answers for you soon too.


Anna x

Hello Anna

When I first started taking duloxetine I was waking up at 2am unable to get back to sleep but this improved after about a week. I had been taking amitriptilyne before which had made me sleep for England!

But the real problem I had started a few weeks after starting it. I had a really bad taste in my mouth and mouth sores, as it was a while after starting the drug I didn’t think it was that. I went to the dentist because I was convinced it was coming from a wisdom tooth that look rotten to me.

But the dentist said the tooth was fine. But I had an extremely dry mouth which was causing the bad taste and I was grinding my teeth at night because they where sharp and I was biting the sides of my mouth hence the ulcers.

I had also put on a load of weight as I kept eating to cover the taste.

We tried a different manufacturer of the drug but this didn’t help so I came of it slowly.

I will say however, before I took it I was experiencing a burning sensation in my arms and legs, which duloxitine got under control. As soon as I stopped taking it the burning has come back with avengence.

I hope you have better luck than I did with the drug.

Best wishes


I have been taking Lamotrigine for Epilepsy for years now but can’t really tell if is helping with symptoms of my MS as I havn’t been diagnosed long, but remember that when I was taking Gabapentin it knocked me out within 15 mins, it was awfull, and since taking Lamotrigine it’s been like I’ve walked out of a wall of fog, although I still get very tired and muddled it’s not half as bad as it used to be. I know everyones different, but hope that it does some good to eleviate the prob’s of MS.