New drug

Hi Everyone. Anyone else on Lamotrigine? Had all the others, Gabapentin etc & they didnt work, been on this two weeks & hadnt even heard of it before Doc prescribed it. In desperation for limb pains, (especially at night) Ive taken these, even though the side effects are quite unpleasant!!! Would appreiciate any feed back & other peoples experience of this drug, pain still a prob at mo although it takes a while for them to kick in. Thanks in advance!! Tracey xx

Hi Tracey, What are the side effects of it?? I too have tried Gabapentin and also Amitriptyline neither of which worked for me :frowning: could do with a miracle as I’m totally fed up with been up in pain/spasms in my legs throughout the night!! Can’t function the next day I’m that exhausted. I started eating 2 bananas a day as they are full of potassium & drinking tonic water which has quininne in but even that’s not shifting the pain/spasms Sue x

Hi Sue. Side effects are extreme fatique, (like we need more of that!!!) rash, thoughts of self harm, (nice!!) severe bruising, wieghtloss, nausea etc, etc!!! taking them because I too am so fed up with the pain, the thought of bed holds no pleasure anymore, its a continuous cycle of no sleep, pain & discomfort. Ill keep you posted as to the side effects as they occur, hopefully they wont. Weve both been prescribed same order of drugs!!! You too will prob be put on these! Tracey xx

Cheers Tracey and like you say don’t need any more fatigue than I already suffer, only had 4 hrs last night before the pain woke me, was downstairs at 2.45am this morning didn’t know what to do with myself. Thankfully managed to get another 3 hrs this morning but feel like a zombie now :frowning: This is getting far too regular now!! oh well back at docs Tues for update with doc. Keep me posted Sue xx

Hope you have some luck with Doc Sue, had this lovely symtom for so long now wouldnt be able to tell you what it feels like for a whole nights sleep, can understand how it was used as a form of torture, its horrible. You take care & keep me posted.

PS You could always message me at that time of the morn!! We could have a really good moan about it!!!

Tracey xxx