Knee scooters
Spotted this yeaterday. I get ‘foot drop’ which stops me walking any distance over 100m. I had a FES but it didn’t agree with my skin! I would like to be able to go for short walks with my husband and wondered if anyone else has tried one. I think they are normally for broken legs/ ankles. It looks like it would stop me tripping over my own feet but wouldn’t help with brain fog/fatigue. Any thoughts would be welcome! Trish x

Hi, I have foot drop too, although I do use a FES, foot brace and crutch, but for longer walks, I’ve started to use a scooter.

I’ve never used a knee scooter, and this is the first time I’ve seen or heard of one - so I’m not talking from experience.

I don’t like the look of it! My first thought was it would be jerky, you would push forward, then have to put the break on to hop to catch up - if that makes sense?

Also what about going up hill?

It may be better in practice, and someone else may have other ideas,
good luck x

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My biggest concern with a contraption like that would be balance

I think these are only meant to be used short term as an alternative to crutches to ensure you don’t put weight on your foot.
I would suggest you consult Your MS Nurse/Physio/occupational therapist. Generally if you require more than a point of reference stick they are likely to go for a bilateral method. I use as all terrain rollator which was a revelation as a no longer had to worry about every cracked paving slab or uneven grass. In effect I had something to grab onto if I stumbled. Being on both feet and standing tall is good for you and exercise classes help with this, but being able to get out and about is important too.
If you put rollator in the search box you will find some threads you might find useful.

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The trouble with isolating a dodgy leg is that the muscles will just waste and make problem worse.
Good advice to get a physio to check you out.

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Many thanks Whammel! A good point you make! :ok_hand: :pray:

Thank you so much! I’m off to Google rollators right now! :pray::+1::grin:

Thank you! Very sensible observations!! Much appreciated! What sort of scooter do you use?

Hmmmm, true! :thinking:

I think I’ll go back to the drawing board…

I might get a trike!:+1::grin: