Knee scooter

Has anybody with foot drop used a knee scooter? Like this one:

One of my legs has very bad foot drop but the other is largely ok. The trouble is after 6 years of increasingly wonky walking, the hip and ankle on the “good” leg is getting quite badly damaged.
I’ve work with physios over the years to try and improve the foot drop leg, and I use an FES, and I don’t think there’s anything more can be done to balance me out.
It’s extremely frustrating to lose function in the good leg because it’s not possible to exercise it properly.
When I’m kneeling on the ground I can move the bad leg forward, so I think it would be possible to use this.
There are lots of reasons not to consider the knee scooter, I’m not looking to use it all day everyday as I’m aware that would make my bad leg atrophy even more. But I’m thinking of using it as a form of exercise to try and build the muscles on the good leg - going for a walk 20 minutes a day.
There’s no point trying to talk to an NHS physio about it, if I join the waiting list I could probably see them this time next year.

I just wondered if anyone had any practical experience.

Are there any local dealers so you can try one out and see if it suits you?
Personally, I like the idea of an electric trike for a more balanced exercise solution.

This was posted a while back, in case you haven’t seen it before.

Knee scooters - Everyday living - MS Society UK | Forum

Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I had seen that post and it has some good observations. Unfortunately I can’t see anyone local that sells the knee scooter which is a shame. I also I already have an electric trike, which is brilliant for my mental health but it doesn’t really do much as a form of exercise, even the low power setting is too strong to require more than a token effort. I think the closest equivalent to a knee scooter would really be the alinker, which I’d love to try as I understand it can be used one legged, but the distributor is frustratingly based at the other end of the country to me .

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I have seen a woman place her dodgy knee on the seat of a rollator and set off scooting down the street at a fair old lick. It did look a bit precarious, although she seemed happy enough, but not something I would recommend you try.
I hope you find a workable solution.