Is it normal to feel absolutely knackered by mid afternoon? I’ve been fit and active all my life but by about 3pm someone (I’ll find the bugger!) someone seems to have put two several weights in my rucksack. Whilst writing this I’m having to sit on a stool whilst unloading the dishwasher! Anything I can do? exercise, physio etc…?

Happy Wednesday all!


What can I say chris? what is normal? I feel fatigued all the time, before I even get out of bed. I can appreciate that you must be feeling really frustrated having led such a fit and active life. Have you been diagnosed chris? just wondered if you’ve been referred to physio…they can give you advice about excercises. Maybe your doing too much in the morning and need to plan your day better…just a thought. All the best

Hi Chris,

No help to you, but just wanted to confirm that fatigue is a very common feature of MS and being knackered by mid-afternoon isn’t at all unusual.

Not a cure, but a lot of folk have a short nap in the afternoon to help ‘recharge the batteries’ a bit. Helps a bit, certainly. The only other thing I understand that may be beneficial is vitamin B12 supplementation …sincerely hope someone will be along shortly to advise further about possible ways to increase energy levels ?!!

I myself often need a short kip by mid-afternoon without doing anything physically strenuous despite a very active background (…used to play Saturday & Sunday football, weight-train 3-times per week and swim at least once every other week).

Just one of the many things we find a way of coping with.

With best wishes,


Hi Chris Feel this way all the time. My 3pm slump!! My brain stops working properly at that time too… Don’t get to lie down. Sometimes chocolate helps me. Def not a kosher treatment! My colleagues at work- who don’t know I’m sick- laugh at me as I hunt for chocolate everywhere!! I even ate a Jaffa cake last week- and I hate chocolate orange. Maybe if I tried a proper healthy diet I might not be so tired. I def feel iv gained weight since getting really sick in the summer from lack of exercise and increased snacking for temporary energy fixes!!! Sorry just realised I wasn’t helpful at all! Love Lilly xxx