Kitchen Advertisments

Why are there so many kitchen Advertisments on this forum? There must be some way of blocking them, They could at least donate to the M S society.

It’s just spam. Is it not better to report them than put a thread up asking what they are?

I have reported it on numerous occasions . If people want to advertise then they should pay for it like anyone else, Not freeload off a M S website.

They only went up this morning. Give the mods a chance to get their breakfast before they see the reported posts

I apologise profusely for the rash of Kitchen adverts which polluted the boards this morning. When an automated spambot riddles a number of the boards simultaneously, it can take a while for us to catch up.

Just so you know- each post is reported to a master spam filter in oder to help prevent them in the future.

Then we access the e-mail address of the poster, find their profile- then block them.

Then the orginal post is to be deleted.

Why fitted kitchens and moody passports?

We don’t know, but if i ever need to skip bail and leave the country after having Italian marble and hand-crtafted Moroccan tiles installed in my kitchen- I’ve got all the info I need.

Please do keep reporting spam when you see it. It’s very helpful.

Kind regards

Stewart (admin)

Hi,did my duty as usually log on about 7am when bored of normal work (do 6.30-3ish). Happens to all forums!

I had a private message this morning advertising kitchens

Why cant i get the life time supply of chocolate adverts!!!


Now that would be worth having, Maybe the Easter Bunny will call. Cadburys here we come.