Just tried to post a link to some research but was blocked! Says to report but not sure how, any ideas? Thanks

Hi Stevie, the tech team have been doing lots of work to try to get rid of the ‘kitchen spam’ that has been invading us. I think it’s led to a few peculiar problems.

Try posting the question to tech team on one of the ‘sticky’ threads at top.

Pat x

Or you could just pm a mod. Stewart is always helpful when I have a posting problem.


Or it depends what the link was because I think its against the terms and conditions to post links to certain other sites, so it could be it was a link that wasn’t allowed.

Dawn x

In our attempt to rid the boards of kitchen spam- the filter is on its highest setting. The system will flag up any links- deeming them suspicious.

Apologies for the inconvenience. For the time being, my advice would be to seend somebody a private message if you want to share a link. I know it’s a pain, but until we get on top of the problem- we have to try all avenues.

Stewart (admin)


I’ve tried to post twice about my double vision.

Nope … it’s counted as spam.

Very strange. No links either.

I wonder if this will post …or …not.

Oh and I have tried to post the above as a post as well and no luck. Now I wonder if this will work as a reply…