Kesimpta and loading dose

Hi there, me again!

During the loading doses of Kesimpta did anyone experience worsening symptoms? I’m having a lot more neurological pain and I’ve dropped more things in last 2 weeks than last 2 years!

Any experiences of loading doses gratefully received!


Yes! I have completed the 3 loading doses and just a few days ago the 4th jab - and everything is quite flare-y, especially my spasticity and bladder issues. I am burning myself loads more whilst cooking, tripping over more and fatigue is much more pronounced. Also noticed a lot of hair in plughole when I washed my hair yesterday!

Hi @Minnie_Mouse1 I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues too. I hadn’t thought hair loss was a thing on this drug as I had very specific concerns around this and was told it’s not an issue on this drug, which in some ways doesn’t make sense if it’s effectively a low dose chemo drug.

I’m defo tripping up which I never did before and I’m burning myself a lot more. In general I’m just a lot more clumsy and I’m already super clumsy being a lefty haha!

I guess we hope it gets better….?