Keeping a diary

Has anyone kept a diary over a period of time of their daily activities, what they have eaten etc hoping to find a link between something they do and how they feel. The aim being to eliminate the things that may cause m.s. problems. Guess what I’m asking is can m.s. be to some extent within our own control.

I read somewhere that MS is like a fire and you have to find out what it is that fuels the flame, diet, cigarettes, stress etc. Keeping a diary is a good idea to identify what it is that keeps the ms alive. Good luck with your quest, Peter.

Hi, I think keeping a diary on a very short-term basis can be useful… esp before dx and as you say, to work out what helps and what doesn’t… but be careful. Keeping a symptoms diary can keep you much too focussed on your symptoms and can be quite a depressing experience.

We know some of the things that will definitely make your symptoms worse… stress, over-doing it and heat.

Try it if you think it will help but try not to be write down every little thing. Spending time doing something that stops you focussing on symptoms can be a much healthier activity.

Pat x

I’ve kept a brief diary for 4 years as part of my Rebif injection schedule. The manufacturers provided a diary at the outset and the first one asked at the end of the week to describe how my health had been and to focus on at least one positive thing each week. In the early days, it was sometimes a struggle to think of a positive but I found it a good thing to do as it changes my attitude.

The diary changed slightly but I have still logged symptoms and positives each time I log my injection 3 times a week. It ihas been especially useful this year when I have become frustrated with my recovery rate after two relapses. Now when I look back I can see just how bad things were and how much I have improved. I still find at least one positive thing each week to note down as it gives me a boost each week to note something good that has happened, however small.

My diary also acts as a useful reminder when I have a neuro appointment looming. I can pinpoint exactly when my symptoms worsened, if they have. I can also see what makes my fatigue better or worse. A late night football match wipes me out for 3-4 days :wink:

Tracey x

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