Tracking Symptoms

I finally have an actual appointment with an MS Neurologist (the neurologist who referred me specialised in stroke and movement disorders) but it’s all the way in September. Before MS was even mentioned there were many things happening to me that I thought was maybe normal for me, but now I don’t know.

I thought that maybe I should start tracking symptoms, like dizziness and tingles and numbness, but I’m not sure how to go about it.

Has anyone got any methods they like?

I like the idea of a bullet journal spread for it but I wouldn’t know where to start.

I was told to keep a diary of my symptoms. Which I did, but to be honest they were appearing on a daily basis so I did`nt bother with the diary only if something new kicked in.

Basically, I had good days and bad days but the symptoms were always there in the background.

It just seems a normal procedure for them to say keep a diary of your symptoms.

I do keep a diary but just for myself. When I go to see neurologist I take a list of what has been happening but whether he takes any notice of it … I have my doubts!

yep I keep a diary too, jot down any changes or new symptoms. I also use the 1 - 10 scale for severity.

If something new has occurred I will also record anything I did that may have caused it - e.g. pain in left side, 4. Day before had planted some plants in garden.

It helps identify patterns, and tells you cause and effect and so what to avoid doing.

I usually take it to my appointments in case I need a reminder - my memory is not always what it was.

Thanks everyone!

I’d never have thought of trying track things that may have caused symptoms AngC.

I think I’m going to try and keep a diary, but some things are so normal for me now (I’m as clumsy as a YA protagonist) that I’ll probably leave the every day ones off.

I have been keeping a diary, more for myself than anyone else. I only write new symptoms or put as above lol. It does help to look back as it is hard to remember dates etc.