Keep forgetting words

Hi all

Recently I’ve noticed that I’m forgetting the correct word to use in a conversation. Not difficult words at all and after a few minutes I realise what word I was trying to say. Is this a sign of things to come or could it just be that I’ve got too much on my mind? I never used to do this :-s

Hi lorna

It’s probably a combination of things! How long has it been happening for?

So many things can have an effect on our poor minds. It might be just that there’s a lot on your mind and worrying about it would only make it worse.

It’s happened to me for years, but then I come from a family where all the women have the same problem. Conversations between my sisters and I contain a lot of “you know, that man who lives in that road, what’s it called?” “Oh I know who you mean, what’s his face!” etc

But seriously, if your worried talk to your MS nurse or GP. I know what would be the first thing my MS nurse would say is, do a urine test to make sure you haven’t got a UTI. It’s amazing how long a UTI can hang about in the background for and how much, even a mild one can affect you!

I have recently started taking Amantadine to help with mental fatigue and it has worked wonders for me. I can now think much more clearly and that has made much able to cope with what life has thrown at me. Well, I assume it’s the Amantadine but I also started taking 3000iu of vit D3 at the same time so perhaps that’s helped.

But I still have trouble remembering the name of the thingy majig!

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hi lorna

i use the ms card and say excuse my lesion because i have a lesion on the bit that governs speech.

UTI’s and tiredness cause it in me.

my train of thought gets stuck in the station!

having said that, a lot of friends my age (56) are the same and they don’t have ms!

they also have overactive bladders so i feel really at home with them.

carole x

Lol thanks for your replies. It’s probably because I’ve got 2 babies and 2 teenagers to deal with. My head is all over the place!

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Oh my goodness, no wonder you forget things! I bet there are days when you don’t have time to remember your own name.

I think you have a condition called parenthood, it can be exhausting. But don’t worry, after about 20yrs it often eases off a bit before, some times, progressing to grandparenthood which is usually a bit less demanding

Don’t forget to look after yourself x

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hi lorna

im 41 with 3 young children, and have been especially absent minded in remembering words etc. so as teddie above says, i think parenthood and ms affect brains.

have you had a relapse recently? i had one 5 weeks ago and my cognition and speech has been affected, but is much worse when tired.

i try to laugh it off sometimes at work (im a teacher) by getting kids to put their hands up with suggestions as to what i was going to say!

for peace of mind, id speak to my ms nurse though… you’ve got enough on your plate without worry as well

all the best, fluffyollie xx

Happens to me all the time…“thingy” is my new favorite word.

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Thanks everyone. I’m glad its not just me & I suppose I do have four very good reasons as to why I can’t think straight half the time!