1. Social Media Flooding Gold Medals for Atos - Flood twitter and Facebook with the ‘red peter’ Gold Atos medals, change profile pics to Atos medals

Here’s the Atos Gold Medal (with thanks to Stephen LH)

2. Email Gold to Atos - let them know we know about the deaths and suicides

Grab a new email address from gmail or hotmail and send gold to Atos ( we know they have multi-million profits but this is different), if you’re feeling particularly energetic why not post one to your local Atos office too all boxed and presented or hand deliver Atos Gold

Email: or (Atos Press Office), Investor Relations: or Atos Head Office

AtoS Boss Breton takes a £1 million bonus

3. Send Gold to Thierry Breton Atos CEO


Atos Gold

4. Tweets

a) Tweet @atos and add a few facts or send them a medal add

b) Use Twitter hashtag #GoParalympicsGB - that’ll confuse ‘em!

5. Add a DPAC twibbon to your Face book or twitter profile pic click HERE (with thanks to Nancy Farrell)

6. Be a Crap Disabled Peoples’ Organisation/Disabled Peoples’ Charity for a day

Atos are looking for Disabled Deoples’ Organisations (DPO) and Disabled Peoples’ ‘Charities’ to help them deliver PIP assessments – yes really!

Grab a new email address from gmail or hotmail and be a crap DPO for a day, suggested names ‘Sell- Out UK’, ‘Disability Wrongs UK’, SCOOP, Len Chester Disability; you get the idea – maybe be a bit more subtle – tell them you want to exploit the opportunity (not to mention make loads of money exploiting disabled people) and ask how your crap org/charity can help do that-send dpac your replies

Email: customer-

Subject line:Engagement with Disability Rights Groups on PIP’

7. Phone Jam

Call Atos to complain.

Why not ask them about their UK Eugenics Program that they’re being paid £100 million a year (and rising) for by the (unelected) government – video it! Record it! Post it!